Painted Mountain Corn Tassels

I’m loving the tassels on the painted mountain corn. Not only are they super early, but they’re showing off in gorgeous colors.

I planted this heirloom variety as part of my dryland growing experiment. Because we had so many late rains, this year may not be a good measure of how well we can do with dryland corns, bean and squash, but it sure has been fun to watch the corn shoot up.

Painted Mountain corn is an open-pollinated variety that Dave Christensen developed from 70 varieties rescued from native peoples and homesteaders across the Great Plains and Northern Rockies. It’s well-adapted to harsh climates like ours. We were thinking we’d test it as a possible late season feed for our pigs, but we might decide the ears (which come in a range of colors from white to dark blue) may be too beautiful for that. We look forward to trying it fresh and dried. Maybe come fall, we’ll have some Painted Mountain corn bread.