We bought our first yaks (three yearling heifers) in 2013 and welcomed our first calves in the spring of 2016. For now, our emphasis is on producing quality breeding stock. But we hope to sell fiber and meat in the future. We also hope to train yaks for draft and packing work. Read more about yaks in North America on the International Yak Association (IYAK) website.

Yaks For Sale, 2017

Our yaks are calving now. Soon we’ll decide which young ones to keep and which to sell. Stay tuned.

All our yaks are registered with IYAK and receive vaccinations and deworming. We’re a small farm, so calves and adults get lots of attention and are pasture friendly. We’re working on halter training. If interested, contact us.

Hazel and Mabel

Hazel and Mabel, the first calves born on our place, sold to Michigan Yakkers, LLC. We’re so thrilled that they could stay together.

Our Yak Herd

We bought our foundation stock from Springbrook Ranch in Kalispell, Montana. You can find more detailed information on our yaks’ ancestries by searching for “Amaranta Farm” on the IYAK “Find a Yak” page.  You can also visit our Yakzz farm page

Yak Photos