Our Pigs

We raise Red Wattle weaner pigs on our pastures. Red Wattles are prized for their rich, marbled meat and how well they thrive on pasture. Read more on:

Ordering Our Pork

We sell our hogs by the whole or half. You buy a portion of the live animal, and we have it USDA custom-exempt processed at Valley Meat Services in Wallowa, Oregon.

We’ll contact you when your pig is ready for slaughter. You will then call Valley Meat Services (541-886-3034) and talk to them about how you want your meat cut and wrapped and whether you want any smoking or curing, etc. They have a number of different options they prefer to go over with customers by phone rather than through a written form.

Customers can pick up their processed pork at Valley Meat Services. For an extra fee ($25 per order), we can also arrange for your pork to be delivered to a central pick-up location (to be arranged) in Portland, Oregon.

The butcher will not take orders for processing anything less than half a pig. For those who would like smaller amounts of pork, we recommend finding a friend with whom to share.


For custom-exempt processing, we charge $3.00/lb hanging weight. Hanging weight is what the carcass (minus skin, head and organs) weighs when it arrives at the butcher.

Fees for slaughter, butchering and curing are additional. We pay the slaughter fee (around $60 per animal) and add that to your bill. You pay Valley Meat Services directly for cut, wrap, smoking and curing (unless you make arrangements for us to deliver the meat for you, in which case we’re happy to cover the butcher fees and bill you for reimbursement).

We aim to slaughter the pigs when they weigh about 300 lbs (live weight), but the animals vary, so some could be a little more or a little less. We estimate the hanging weight at about 65-70% of live weight (again that’s a rough figure; it varies by animal), so 300 lbs live weight would be about 195-210 lbs hanging weight. That’s roughly $585 to $630 for a whole pig (plus fees for slaughter, butchering, curing).

Example Cost for half a pig:

100 lbs hanging weight @ $3/lb = $300

Mobile Slaughter Fee (1/2 of $60) = $30

Cut and Wrap: $0.65/lb x 100= $65

Smoke and Cure: $1/lb x 35 (avg for ham and bacon)= $35

Total= $430

Example Cost for a whole pig:

200 lbs hanging weight @ $3/lb = $600

Mobile Slaughter Fee = $60

Cut and Wrap: $0.65/lb x 200= $130

Smoke and Cure: $1/lb x 70 (avg for ham and bacon)= $70

Total= $860

To reserve a pig, we ask for a deposit ($150 for half, $300 for a whole).